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Agenda are proud to announce the launch of Agenda International, a significant expansion into the UAE and Gulf region markets. Alongside this exciting development, the company is delighted to introduce mehdi mobarek as the CEO of Agenda International.

Agenda International represents a strategic initiative by Agenda to extend its reach and services beyond the UK, catering to the evolving needs of the vibrant life sciences industry in the Gulf region.

Agenda bring its expertise to the international arena in providing –

  • Temporary staffing solutions,
  • Permanent Recruitment,
  • In-vivo Facility Management,
  • Pre-employment Background Screening services and software,
  • Specialist In-vivo Veterinary Surgeons.

This expansion into international markets will continue Agenda’s mission to deliver exceptional value and innovative solutions to our expanding customer base.

“The whole Agenda team are thrilled to expand our expertise in in-vivo research support to an ever-increasing geography. Supporting the UAE and Gulf region through their rapid growth phase in research is a genuine privilege.” Ross Millard, Managing Director, Agenda Resource Management.

Mehdi Mobarek brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his new role as CEO of Agenda International. With a proven track record of leadership and strategic vision, Mehdi is well-equipped to drive Agenda’s growth and success in the Gulf region. His appointment furthers Agenda’s commitment to delivering excellence and value to our clients.

“I am honoured to join Agenda as the CEO of Agenda International and lead their expansion into the Dubai and Gulf region markets, I am confident that with our talented team and innovative solutions, Agenda International will become a trusted partner for organisations across the region, delivering value and driving success.” Mehdi Mobarek, CEO of Agenda International.

For more information about how Agenda International can support your business, please contact Mehdi – Mehdi.Mobarek@agenda-international.com